A Quantum Leap in Efficiency A Quantum Leap in Efficiency

A Quantum Leap in Efficiency

While the COVID-19 crisis has stalled a lot of industries, it has forced some of us to innovate faster and accelerate technology. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough start innovating!

In that regard, there is a powerful synergy between technology providers and banks that recognize the seam of opportunity in this otherwise bleak landscape. We at Intellect understand and admire that special brand of ambition in financial institutions. And we believe we are perfectly poised to fuel that journey.

Central banks represent the aspirations of a resurgent economy. And we, as a global Financial Technology enterprise with over 25 years of BFSI focus, bring technology designed to accelerate those digital aspirations.

Presenting Quantum Central Banking Solution (QCBS) – the only core banking system designed exclusively for Central Banks.

QCBS and the Power of 5

We take the complexity and scale of Central Banking very seriously. Which is why QCBS is not a retrofit solution, but an exclusive product designed from the ground up for Central Banks. Here is a quick overview of the power of QCBS, in five broad areas. –

Quantum Architecture: A single integrated platform with a holistic architecture designed for ministries and central banks. It comes with a highly flexible product and business rules configurator, 2,000+ configurable business roles for faster policy implementation, 50+ business services, advanced service workflow management including self-administration, and much more.

Unmatched Performance: QCBS is benchmarked for over 100 mn transactions a day with 24/7 operations. You get 99.99% uptime, and 30+ MM ISO20022 messages to support financial inclusion. Our advanced patented technology frameworks XAP (Xtreme Account Processing) and XBP (Xtreme Balance Pooling) compound efficiency. At the end of the day, you get EoD in less than 15 minutes!

Extreme Agility: Our cutting edge Olive Fabric integration layer makes for seamless ecosystem integration. The API-first architecture powers a sandbox for digital innovation. Patented Smart Object Technology, drag-drop adaptors and DIY screen designer put the steering wheel in your hands for complete control. With these tools, responding to changes becomes instinctive and painless.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts: With QCBS, you get zero recon and online real-time balance sheet. A user-configurable reporting tool and real-time one click dashboards and risk analytics make for sharper insights. That’s not all. With a 360-degree view, you get visibility of 15+ dimensions and 7+ levels of drill down. The notifications themselves are proactive and rule-driven.

Such a robust technology stack infused with deep domain knowledge has made us proud partners in nation-building efforts around the world.

A Quantum Leap in Efficiency

In particular, our work in the Reserve Bank of India has been acknowledged repeatedly with accolades. Intellect is the proud recipient of the Payments Provider of the Year Award-2016 and Technology Provider of the Year Award-2015 from the Central Banking Forum. Intellect also won the prestigious Asian Banker award for the ‘Best Central Bank Technology Project-2013’ for this large-scale modernization initiative at Reserve Bank of India.

Responsibility and Resilience

Above the technology, the awards, and accolades, we are most proud of our strong relationship DNA. We earn the trust and respect of our clients and nurture them all through. Right at the beginning, we bring 100% accountability for implementation, and will own 100% contractual liability. We have crafted a unique hybrid agile delivery model for reduced risk, quicker benefit realization, and our proven data migration methodology and tools ensures a smooth, confident step into a digital future. Our ongoing relationship with the Reserve Bank of India is a direct testimony to our post implementation support.

While the rest of the world plays catch up, we are charting a course for a future of powerful digital solutions, where financial services are fully contextual, customer-defined, and available instantly.

In short, we are inspired by innovations in the financial sector to do better and bring better technologies to power the economy.

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