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Wouldn't it be great if the central banking challenges are actually understood - even anticipated - quicker policy implementation in the volatile economy impacted by local and global events, real-time monitoring of the financial system, integrated operational view of the central bank operations for faster decision making and the underlying technology support?

Intellect has successfully modernized many central banks across the world.

Visit Intellect at Booth D120 and discover what advanced Quantum Central Banking Solution is and how it has transformed central banks across the world. We are sure you will be impressed too.

  • Real-time generation of balance sheets and accounting
  • Prudential oversight at the click of the button in real-time
  • How to implement policies faster
  • Real-time monitoring & 360-degree view of entire central bank operations
  • How to reduce operational inefficiencies & risk

Schedule an appointment and speak with the experts about:

  • Enterprise General Ledger
  • Banking and Govt. Services
  • Currency life cycle management
  • Reserve portfolio management
  • Risk analytics
  • Monitory policy tools
  • Advanced collateral management
  • Depository and Public debt management
  • Treasury Single Account

The event was successfully held!

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