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Intellect CBX-O fuels aggressive growth for a leading private sector bank in India


YES Bank understands the needs of the MSME sector and has accordingly setup a separate business vertical to cater to the segment. At YES Bank, the MIB (Micro Enterprise Banking) business manages the portfolio of the companies having an annual sales turnover of up to $2 Million.

COLORS application was envisaged by the bank with a vision for “Competitive Superiority” and developed as a custom solution to enable digital breakthrough to reduce manual activities and ensure that the bank can reach out and cater to more customers with the same workforce leveraging on the system capabilities and functionalities. This was aimed at creating a digital repository of previous offline information, i.e. Customer Financials, Banking information etc. which generate insights to create new lending programs as well as help in providing early warning signals.


COLORS system was expected to perform the following functions:

  1. Creating an application by end users from scratch
  2. Prototyping the entire application screen by screen
  3. Incorporating future ready capabilities
  4. Micro services Architecture
  5. A scalable cloud-native application that can be migrated to cloud platform as and when required
  6. Inbuilt with data analytics and open banking ready as requirements arise
  7. Availability of JBPM workflow engine, dynamic form builder and GUI enabled rules engine allowing the bank to make changes with minimal intervention from Intellect, thereby reducing costs
  8. Inclusive of advanced technologies like AI and ML

Benefits to the bank

The success of any lending business depends on acquiring the right customer at the right price and hence Origination becomes the most crucial component in a loan’s lifecycle. Like all businesses, technology has transformed the loan system with complete automation to drive higher efficiency. The effectiveness of the system can be measured by knowing how efficiently every role in the origination life cycle is equipped and empowered to make an informed credit decision real time. Today origination platforms need to be flexible enough to cater to any business needs in terms of functionality and reach.

Intellect CBX-O was offered to YES Bank keeping in line with top two strategic criteria that the bank wanted, namely, Customer Centricity and Competitive Superiority.

  1. Business: Minimal efforts on data gathering with an automatic pull from relevant sources, anywhere, anytime access, transparent application tracking by self and customer alike, performance dashboards and ease of handling deviations and exceptions.
  2. Credit Risk: Ease of data aggregation across sources, automated computation of various performance ratios and intuitive organisation of data for business interpretations. Minimal human interference, approval and deviation recommendations.
  3. Operations: Robust document management capabilities, easy archival and retrieval of documents along with integration capability for internal systems and comprehensive view of all the threads of activities associated with a credit proposal.
  4. Technology: Flexibility to add or modify rules, business processes, complying with changing regulatory needs, ability to integrate with internal and external systems along with an intuitive application that is easy to use by users of varying skills and experience.
  5. Real-time and Contextual: Providing real-time status for all proposals at any point of time across its life cycle. Application route tracking for every specific stage with TAT at each stage, providing a transparent view of the status leading to a better process efficiency.
    Designed contextually at the core of the application, the system is contextual to the role and has actions from within the screen for activities relevant to the respective role. Application screens for the proposal are contextual basis the attributes such as type of proposal, campaigns, facilities, collateral, deviations sought and more.
  6. On-the-fly Workflow: Uniquely designed for “On-the-Go” approval for preferred business lines, while on the move without accessing the application thereby decreasing approval time.
  7. Consolidated Information & Action screen: Addressing two key complexities:
    • Handling Information Overload for underwriters while switching across multiple screens and reports to get a complete view of the proposal before making a decision. The system synthesizes all the information procured into one single screen for consumption by structured aggregation of all fragmented data into a single screen and automated calculation of various contextual assessment methods allows underwriters to take an objective view of the proposal in less than half the time with a greater degree of confidence.
    • Post Sanction processing: Transparent view of multiple activities such as contract execution, document verification, covenant fulfillment, a/c opening and limit setup with all data available at a single click allowing the respective role to assess the next important action leading to a huge reduction in TAT of the proposal.
  8. AI & ML Enabled Credit Risk: The system is powered by Credit Risk Analyst (CRA) that does extensive web search for news, attaching scores and displays relevant for decision making. This give a organized view of data within seconds, which otherwise is arbitrary and takes hours.
  9. Reference Architecture: Built on a cloud-native architecture that boasts of an API first technology coupled with micro services making it future-ready. CBX-O’s technology platform with seamless integration across various open-source components resulting in ease of manpower available for the bank to manage any minor changes.
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