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The world of consumer banking is at the threshold of a new frontier. Superior customer-centricity, enabled by a powerful digital promise, are the beacons on this journey of transformation.

Information is yesterday's news. Today is all about behavioural insight. For financial institutions all over the globe, the unambiguous mission is to drive a more intelligent and contextual experience for the customer. Primary banking aspirations stand directly proportional to success in this mission.

With its Digital 360 approach, true omnichannel technologies and the world's most comprehensive consumer banking suite, it is no surprise that iGCB is the preferred partner for digital evolution, across the globe, whether a cooperative bank, or a country's central bank!

We are the fastest growing division in Intellect, a global financial technology for banking, insurance and financial services. We are the youngest enterprise to be positioned in the leadership position of Gartner's Magic Quadrant. For five years in a row. A 100 million dollar company, with the soul of a start-up.

We are looking for people who share a similar spirit; who respect fresh thinking, and have a healthy distaste for limiting beliefs. We believe in the 'art of possible', and seek those who whole-heartedly believe in the magic and power of those three simple words.

In this page you will see three videos that give a snapshot of our DNA; they offer you a peek at the vibrant landscape of consumer banking, and how you have the opportunity to be an agent of change in this promising ecosystem.

If leading change excites you then iGCB would love to meet you. We appreciate and reward leaders. At iGCB we do not just bend the common rule that says opposites attract, we break it!

We look forward to finding out if we are in sync!

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Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit?

It takes more than intelligence and expertise to excel here. It takes a certain persona, built on a unique belief system. Do you have it in you?

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The iGCB Growth Engines

When you grow 46% year on year, you let the momentum carry you, right? That's not how iGCB drives extreme performance.

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Roles and expectations

Consider enterprise engines that deliver 46% year on year growth. How are they designed? What fuels them? What supports them?

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Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work. That thought is iGCB, it gives me a sense of pride to be a part of it. I expect to represent iGCB to the very best of my ability.

Aravind Roosevelt
AVP, Pre-Sales


I like the goals 'Product Excellence' and 'Customer Service Excellence' because that's what every customer demands and that's what pushes us to reach the pinnacle of success.

Padmani Koteeswaran
Executive Project Manager, Digital Branch


I am proud to be associated with the team that delivers some major solutions like core banking to many key customers in the APAC region

Sivakumar G
Delivery Head, APAC
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